So how to win when you play Bells On Fire Slot? It is possible to play at the same rate constantly. But it is actually quite boring. And besides, it isn’t ideal from the point of view of bankroll-management. Ideally, it is necessary to REDUCE a rate at essential losses. So you will be able to s,ave the bankroll much longer. For example, your bankroll makes $1,000, you play at $1 stake and have already merged $90. Most likely, in this situation, you approach the stop loss strategy. So why not to reduce a rate twice and to play $0.5? As the increase in a rate during long losses will lead finally to even big,ger losses. Twist $0.5, look, what will be further. If again there are plums, so the loss can be stopped. If isn’t, then there is a chance a little to restore the current account and a bit later to return on habitual rates.
Increase in a rate at prizes
There is also another option – increase in an active rate after a big prize. It is not recommended to do so, but in certain cases, it is mathematically justified. For example, you have taken 10% of the bankroll ($200) and you play at $1. You are lucky an the slot fills h200 ($200), so you have increased the account by 100%, at the same time your stop of wins makes 50% ($100). Then that you had had KIND OF free hundred dollars. In this situation, it is possible to risk and twist $2 or $3 to some value – for example up to $350 from $400, You are able to afford such risk. And if it turns out – you get much more than your habitual prize.
For a successful game in slots, it is also necessary to understand a role of a random number generator well. The most important: each back doesn’t depend on previous. It means that all these theories about “hot slots”, that after a big prize the online slot machine doesn’t give and so on and similar theories are at least doubtful and at most in a root are wrong (and it is most likely). The slot machine doesn’t know, whether you have won or not in the previous slot, it only receives a set of figures from randomizer and visualizes information on the screen.