Qatar will host this year’s World Beach Games for the men’s beach soccer

This year’s World Beach Games are drawing worldwide attention. Nobody can deny that among 15 sports of the planned event the key one will be beach soccer (also known as beach football).

Though often been taken not seriously the beach soccer gained an official status many years ago and is gaining popularity. Whilst it’s a variation of common football, beach soccer has its own unique features. The smaller field with the sand surface requires athletes to show a completely different set of skills.

To tell the truth, this sport is more dynamic and fascinating than usual soccer. This is gratifying to see that today both men’s and women’s beach soccer is played in 170+ countries worldwide. World Beach Games event this year seems to be a very important moment in the history of this sport.

If you missed this info you should know that the draw for Beach Soccer has already been held by commissioners from the official associations in Doha, Qatar.

The tournament will host a total of 16 best men’s teams from all the continents. They have been randomly divided into four groups and you can already analyze their chances and make some bets at The division looks pretty intriguing and the last years’ leaders like Brazil, Russia, Uruguay and Mexico will have to compete with young and assertive rivals.

Doha welcomes participating teams, athletes and enthusiasts of beach soccer in October.